KindRed Meals - Kare Kare
KindRed Meals - Kare Kare

KindRed Meals - Kare Kare

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450g per pack

Ingredient List

Kindred Vegpata (Texturized Soy Protein, Cassava Flour, Shiitake Mushroom, Sea salt, Vegetable Seasoning Powder), Peanut Butter, Peanut, Powderized Vegetari Chichashroom (Shiitake Mushroom, Cassava Starch, Seasalt, Vegetable Seasoning Powder), Rice Flour, Achuete, Vegan Patis, Vegetable Seasoning Powder

Handling Instructions

Storage: Store under no more than 5°C temperature.

Shelf Life

Keep frozen: 1 year

Exposure to hot environments may cause faster deterioration


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